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The Singing Test Strips

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Mobility Van, Anyone?

When The Two Moms aren't buying test strips, we search for quality information to share with you. The Two Moms would like to highlight a local San Diego California business, one that services the entire United States (even Hawaii!).Every once in a while you run across a company that really stands out from the crowd. [...]

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Is a Diabetes Vaccine on the Horizon?

Rejoice, because there is a biotechnology start up company in Massachusetts called ImmusanT, that is attempting to develop a vaccine to prevent type one diabetes. (See the link to the article below). The Two Moms are thinking that ImmusanT just might be able to pull this off. This forward thinking company has already successfully [...]

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Forewarned is Forearmed

Have you ever noticed that when you go on a diet, that you’re more successful if you have the proper food on hand when you get hungry? I have found that if I don’t have a plan in place when I’m ready to eat, temptation can overcome my will power and torpedo my good resolutions. [...]

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Diabetes Can Affect Pets Too

The Two Moms found this to be a great article (click link here) about the growing problem of Type II diabetes in dogs and cats. It was written mainly for veterinarians as opposed to pet owners, but there’s a lot of good information to glean from this article. Our take away from this article is [...]

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