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It's Almost Here: the February 2019 “Super Snow” Moon

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Calling all stargazers, February’s full moon will be the nearest, the largest, and the brightest full moon of the entire year!

This “super snow” moon will be visible in the US the evening of Monday, February 18. (The actual peak will be on Tuesday, February 19 at 10:53am EST, but the Two Moms think you’ll want to view it the evening of February 18 when the sky is dark).

What’s in a Name?
The full moon’s names have historically always corresponded with seasonal changes observed by the Native Americans: hence, it’s called a “snow” moon because typically the heaviest snowfall occurs in February.
And, it’s called a “super” moon because scientists have determined that the moon will be at its closest point in it's orbit to the earth that day.

Incidentally, have you heard of such a thing as moon weather? Meteorologists have found a distinct correlation between full moons and cloudiness, rainfall, and thunder. Even weather records show that the first few days after a full moon tend to be rainy or stormy. So the Two Moms want to remind you - bring your umbrella this Wednesday and Thursday just to be prepared!

What is the meaning of this spectacular display of nature?
The Native Americans have always regarded the moon as an object of beauty, and used it to track the seasons.
To the poets, the moon and moonlight have romantic connotations.
In the Chinese tradition, a full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion.
Some religious believe that these super moons are an invitation to contemplate nature which will help open their hearts to their Creator.

So get out there this Monday night or Tuesday morning to see the biggest brightest super-moon of the year!

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