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Diabetes Can Affect Pets Too

Posted by the Two Moms on

The Two Moms found this to be a great article (click link here) about the growing problem of Type II diabetes in dogs and cats. It was written mainly for veterinarians as opposed to pet owners, but there’s a lot of good information to glean from this article. Our take away from this article is that diabetes is closely tied to diet and obesity in our dogs and cats, which is within our ability to control. This is good news, that pet owners can prevent diabetes in their beloved pets. Obviously, preventing a disease is much easier than managing a disease.

The article points out that diabetes is more prevalent in cats than it is in dogs. Doctors believe that many cats, for convenience, are put on dry food-high carb diets. Interestingly, when diabetic cats were placed on a high-protein low-carb diet, insulin could be stopped in many cases. The doctors make a point that our dogs and cats have no biological requirement for grains or other carbs. These carbs, a.k.a. excess sugar, are what leads to diabetes.

So do your research about what you are feeding your pet! The expense of a high-quality pet food now, could mean not having the expense of diabetic testing and monitoring of your precious pet later.