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Is a Diabetes Vaccine on the Horizon?

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Rejoice, because there is a biotechnology start up company in Massachusetts called ImmusanT, that is attempting to develop a vaccine to prevent type one diabetes. (See the link to the article below).

The Two Moms are thinking that ImmusanT just might be able to pull this off. This forward thinking company has already successfully completed their phase 1 trials for a therapeutic vaccine to desensitize celiac patients to gluten.

You might be asking yourself, what does celiac disease have to do with type one diabetes? Well, there are some studies that show that dietary gluten plays a role in BOTH diseases.

Because they are now so well-versed in celiac disease, the ImmusanT team feels that the lessons learned during their celiac vaccine program will translate into a streamlined work flow to advance the type one diabetes vaccine research.

As a celiac myself, I dream of one day being able to eat a REAL piece of pizza or bite into a REAL honey glazed donut. So a vaccine for celiac disease would be marvelous for sure. BUT, an effective vaccine for diabetes? That would be a breathtaking, monumental, and stunning development in disease prevention!

(See article)

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